Monday, October 13, 2008

Not cupcake related, but I felt compelled to Blog...

So I know this is my cupcake blog, but I felt the overwhelming need to blog about my upcoming wedding. This is probably going to take a while.....

Alex and I are getting married in 5 days, and I have never been so excited for any event in my entire life. All the planning, occasional speed bumps, and stress has been completely worth it because we will be celebrating our future. We will be surrounded by friends and family that have really shown us how much they love and care about us, especially during the planning process. I am amazed at how much love and support I have received while planning our wedding.

First and foremost, Alex. He has been so patient and caring during the whole planning process. I know sometimes I am tired and all I want to do is sleep, but he never seems to mind. I am so incredibly lucky to be marrying such a wonderful man.

My Mom has truly been phenomenal. Whenever I stress out, she always comes up with a solution, and everything turns out just fine. She has been such a creative source for me, and I so enjoy bouncing ideas off of her. After all, I get my creativity genes from her! I truly could not have done this without her.

My Dad, the silent supporter. I have always felt like my father is my biggest cheerleader, but in a quiet way. Unfortunately, our "father-daughter fun days" have been few and far between since planning the wedding. But he always manages to make me breakfast on those early Saturday mornings when I come into Denton to do wedding stuff with Mom (and it's often the highlight of my week, Dad makes an awesome breakfast!). I know it is probably tough on him to see his little girl moving out of her home town and getting married all within 9 months, but I know that he loves Alex and knows that he will take wonderful care of me for the rest of our lives.

My future mother-in-law, Lori. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful woman in my life?! Not only can I call with anything I need, she and my Mom enjoy spending time together, too! My Mom has gained a new friend in Lori, and so have I. Truly a selfless person, I cannot be thankful enough to have her around. I have enjoyed having Lori be such a big part of planning our wedding, so many good ideas and thoughts have come from her! And to her husband Randy, well, thanks for putting up with us girls while we plan this wedding! :)

Alex's grandparents, Stan and Carol. Two loving and giving folks. Also incredibly selfless (it must run in the family), Alex and I can always count on them. And although Alex and I moved to Frisco and don't see them as often, it's still as though they are just around the corner from us. I can already see Carol being the life of the party at the wedding!

My brother and sister-in law, Jeff and Shannon. And of course, my nephew Ryan. What a beautiful new family. I am so blessed to have Shannon in my life. I feel that despite living many miles apart, we have grown closer over the last six years. I am so glad that each member of their family will have a very special role in our wedding this Saturday.

And of course, my bridesmaids, Jordan, Jennifer, Shannon, and Alison. Let's not forget my Man of Honor, Jason. I am so proud to have each of these people stand beside me on my wedding day. Each of them has had a huge impact on my life and it is an honor to have them with me on such an amazing occasion.

And to everyone else that has helped plan this wedding, thank you and I love you!