Thursday, March 4, 2010

Misty's Birthday Cupcakes...and a SURPRISE!

My co-worker and all around great television producer, Misty, had her birthday recently. Misty is probably one of my biggest cupcake fans. She even eats my cupcakes while she is on a diet, she is that dedicated! Deciding what to make for her birthday this year was so easy: Misty's favorite cake and frosting combination is white cake with white icing. I didn't even have to ask what she wanted this year. I grabbed my go-to cupcake recipe for white cake and got to work.

The end result was just as I expected, and just what Misty wanted! Yummy white cake with my classic buttercream frosting. The cupcakes were a great way to celebrate Misty's birthday, even though she had to work that day!

Now for the surprise......

Are you ready?

Coming very first blog GIVEAWAY! Who's excited?! THIS girl! I have been asked by the great folks over at to host this giveaway. But, I'm not telling what it is yet, so stay tuned!

I'm off now to look for Alex and I some new barstools...I love this website! I could seriously spend hours looking at all of their stuff. Have a great weekend!

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Sam Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Misty! My friend recently had a birthday earlier this week, but instead of cupcakes I made her muffins :)