Thursday, April 15, 2010

MSC: Jumbo Cupcakes

This month for our Martha Stewart's Cupcakes challenge, Jess from Cookbook Habit chose the Jumbo Cupcakes on page 133.  And since this little guy was having a birthday, I decided to make them for him.
He is a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I had some awesome Mickey Mouse sprinkles that I couldn't wait to decorate his cupcakes with.  I was super excited to make the Marshmallow Fluff filling, and I wasn't was so yummy.  I thought the cupcakes, however, were a little dry.  But it seems like a lot of the recipes that we have baked in this challenge have been dry.  I didn't want to leave the tops of the cupcakes without a nice mound of frosting, so I made my go-to buttercream frosting.  This made the cupcakes super rich.  The best part of the cupcakes were the filling.

Here are a few shots of the party we threw for Ryan in the park by my parent's house.
My brother Jeff and nephew Ryan.  Look at him eyeing that cupcake!

My amazing Mom with my nephew Owen


TeaLady said...

So cute!! I bet he loved the cuppy.

Ys, I have found the same thing - dry. I bake the cuppys a little less and that helps a lot with Martha's cuppys. They are less dry.

Monica said...

Such a stinkin' cute little boy. Your cupcakes look great! I agree though, I thought they were dry too. I also enjoyed the filling.

Rebecca said...

What a cutie! I also thought these were a little dry but I think I overcooked them. I like the way yours looked with the frosting and sprinkles.

Tracey said...

Oh he is such a cutie! Very sweet of you to make him cupcakes for the party :)

My cupcakes were dry too, which was disappointing. I had fun making them and my husband gobbled them up, even if I wasn't a big fan!

Future Grown-Up said...

Oh that frosting looks super yummy...what a great cupcake to make for a birthday party. I'll be he loved them.

Nina said...

So adorable! I love little kids!

I agree, definitely dry, but milk helps!

Anonymous said...

Awww, your nephew is such a cutie. I bet he loved that cupcake, and the mickey sprinkles are adorable.
I agree the filling was great, but if I ever make these again I'm using another recipe for the cake. I wish I had topped mine with buttercream, they would have been so much better with some kind of frosting on top.

Jess said...

How adorable (cupcakes and baby)! I also thought these were dry - someone suggested it was because they call for butter rather than oil. In any case, they look great!