Friday, March 6, 2009

Edibles Incredibles - A Review

Last month Alex and I went to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew in Virginia. I really wanted to visit a new bakery, and Shannon knew of one called Edibles Incredible. One evening, we all went to Restin, Virginia in pursuit of cupcakes. Once there, it was hard to get inside, it was a tiny little place with lots of people standing in line.

They had what seemed like 15 different varieties of cupcakes, and it was a tough decision. I ultimately chose the "Snowball" cupcake which was coconut cake with what seemed like a coconut filling, pink buttercream frosting and shredded coconut on top. These cupcakes had a giant mound of frosting on top. I think we paid about $3.50 per cupcake, but there was so much to them, it was worth the price.

My brother chose the chocolate covered cherry cupcake with cherry filling. These cupcakes were BIG! I had to cut mine into quarters. I had a bite of his cupcake, and I really liked the cherry filling.

And they had a great idea for takeout cupcakes!

I thoroughly enjoyed these cupcakes, and will definitely be back when Alex and me visit in the future.

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Robyn said...

We always value customer comments so a BIG thank you to Jennifer and Alex. Thanks for visiting, thanks for the descriptions and pictures, and thanks for blogging!

We actually have 44 different kinds of cupcakes so you'll have more surprises!

Thanks again, Robyn and Alan, Owners
Edibles Incredible Desserts, Reston and Brambleton