Friday, March 27, 2009

Irish Cupcakes (sort-of)

Tonight my Scrapbooking group had a Friday night crop. On our Friday night get-togethers, we always do a pot luck dinner. Our organizer, Cheryl, picks a theme for the evening. This month is was "Luck o' the Irish" or anything green. So this is what I came up with. A white cake (dyed green) with chocolate buttercream frosting and various green sprinkles.

This just might be the best pictures I have ever taken of my cupcakes. I went outside because I had read somewhere online that natural light is best when photographing cupcakes.

A close-up...

The cupcakes were a huge success at the crop. For anybody who doesn't know what a scrapbooking crop is basically a bunch of women getting together to sit around and scrapbook, chit-chat, and just generally have a good time. I have been going to these crops for about three and a half months now and I absolutely love it. The girls at the crops are hilarious and always keep me entertained...and I get some of my scrapbooking done. Tonight I got about five pages done. AND, the best part is one of my croppin' friends asked me to make cupcakes for a dinner party she is having in May....YAY!!!!


The Abbott Family said...

Great pictures!!! You can also get great pictures by opening up the windows and taking pictures in that light. :)

Chels said...

Jennifer, oh my gosh! You are COMPLETELY adorable. :) Your cupcakes look delicious!! I am so happy to be your blog buddy. :)