Friday, March 27, 2009

Margarita Cupcakes with Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting

Alex's grandmother Carol's birthday was a few weeks ago. In fact, she has the same birthday as my sister-in-law, Shannon. Luckily this year, Carol's birthday fell on a Saturday. Alex's grandfather, Stan, arranged for an open house all day long so people could just drop by and say 'Happy Birthday!' whenever they could. Carol is a BIG fan of margaritas, so I figured Margarita cupcakes would be perfect for her big day.

This cupcake tree was a wedding present from my neighbors back in Denton, Ward and Patsy Merriman...I am definitely putting it to good use!

Alex did all the key lime accents on the cupcakes. He spend a lot of time meticulously putting these itty bitty key limes on the cupcakes. He did a fabulous job.

I found these cupcake liners at Target. Of course they are made by Wilton, they seem to have the best cupcake liners in terms of design and they are easy to find. I see cupcake liners all the time (mostly online or in books) that I think are beautiful, but can never find them!

Here is the birthday girl. It was great to see so many of Alex's family members all in one place. Birthdays and celebrations are always a good time with Alex's family!!

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